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We specialize in best quality outsourced IT services and offer our clients from all over the world full-cycle customized software development, support and maintenance, dedicated app development teams, etc. IT outsourcing services give you access to the pool of high quality human resources, a way to save your IT budget and a great opportunity to speed up your R&D and information technology processes. Any service that we offer whether it is offshore web development services, desktop development, corporate software development or mobile application development, our outsourcing service is a guarantee of the best quality, meeting deadlines and the greatest experience of collaboration. So if you ever thought to outsource IT services, Billiton is the best place to do so.

Be free to contact us with any task you might have: we will help you whether you need just some coding outsourcing or a full-cycle product development.

Our software development process

We have a solid bulletproof Agile software development process that has been continuously improving over the years. It guarantees quality and timely results for our clients.

Our software development services

 Product Development

Billiton is your one-stop shop for computer programming outsourcing: requirements analysis, custom solutions, architecture, UI/UX design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, system administration, and support.

 Perfect Process

Since the moment our company was founded we stepped on every rake in the garden. As a result, we now have a solid bulletproof software development process that guarantees quality and timely results for our clients.

 Code Review

The code of your existing products will be checked thoroughly to make sure that it adheres to the best practices in terms of code reliability, maintainability, efficiency and security.

 Maximum Agility

In the fast changing business world, it’s very important to always be ahead of the competition. We can scope out and quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype) for your idea and, once everything is fine, a full-scale product.

 Working hours & Time zones

Depending on where you are, we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific timezone.

 Price Advantage

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe saves your money. Our rates are at least 25% less expensive than some other IT outsourcing locations.

 Legal Protection

Non-disclosure Agreement to restrict access to confidential information to third parties. Confidentiality and Non-competition for each party to agree to threat the other party’s information as strictly confidential.

 Intellectual Property Rights

All rights on the software developed by our developers belong to the client 100%.


No one wants to start a software customization or development project facing a lot of unknowns or unspecified cost projections. Fixed project quotes are provided for most any type of software development service needs.

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